Clarity Reach & Wash Solar Panel Cleaning

Restore your lost output by up to 25% with our affordable, no-fuss annual solar panel cleaning service.

Did you know that rainwater doesn't actually clean your solar panels? Airborne dust, sticky tree and plant sap and droppings can actually build upon your panels, creating a layer of dirt which makes it hard for the sun to directly reach the cells.

At Clarity Reach & Wash, we clean moss and dirt off your solar panels to not only have your panels sparkling but also to improve the efficiency and maintain the lifespan of your panels.

We use specialist equipment which allows us to have the service done quickly to a high-standard without causing disruption to you or the public. We always put the health and safety of our team, your premises and the general public first, which is why all our team are insured, qualified and have health & safety policies in place to work at height on roofing.

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Bird proofing your solar panels

Cleaning & Installation

When bird-proofing your solar array, we'll clean out any bird droppings and fragments from under your solar panels. We do this by flushing the droppings, feathers, leaves and nest debris away. If the debris and droppings fall to the ground, we will bag up or flush it - removing it from your property.

During the installation, we'll provide you with a courtesy solar panel cleaning using our purified water system. We ensure that birds will no longer be able to access your solar panel array, and also leave your panels clean, producing the most solar energy possible.

We'll assess access points, check for potential safety hazards and then begin the process of installation. In some cases, property on the ground may need to be moved temporarily. Most residential projects are done in less than one day to minimise disruption to you.

Safety & Satisfaction

At Clarity, our number one priority is to safely deliver satisfaction to each of our customers. We use great caution when working on your property. Our technicians are equipped with safety equipment, should any challenging tasks arise related to your bird-proofing project. We use only the best, industry rated equipment and technologies.

Once the project is complete, we leave your property protected and clean as if we were never there!

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Our prices

With solar panels, they only have to be cleaned once a year to get the full efficiency and savings from your system, so even solar panel cleaning costs are low.

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Clarity Reach & Wash Solar Panel Cleaning
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Why choose us for your solar panel cleaning services?

With regular solar cleaning once a year from Clarity Reach & Wash, you can expect to get maximum output on your panels. Not only just it adds value to your investment but it also extends the life.

Homeowners can actually save money, even when spending an annual solar panel cleaning fee. Our cleaning service helps your overall system performance become more efficient, saving you money in the long term.

Our exterior cleaning services don't stop there. We provide a range of exterior services including roof cleaning, moss removal, and resealing for your roofs.

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