Sick of having to go to the cash machine to draw out money for your window cleaning service? Just sign up for our simple payment solution and leave everything else to us!

Our super easy payment solution is the ideal alternative for paying for your every 8-week window cleaning service without having to nip and get cash. You can just set up the direct debit, and we'll come and provide a quality service - stress-free!

Pay for your regular cleaning service using direct debit. It is 100% secure and very simple to set up. Your bank details are never disclosed to Clarity Reach & Wash during the process. Payment is taken from your account within 5 days of the service being completed.

You will receive an email to confirm the amount due and the date the money will be collected. It only takes a minute complete, then you're done!

It's perfect for our existing customers with 'one-off' or recurring payments.

Clarity Reach & Wash Easy Payment Solution
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